Option Poption Spread Viewer

Successor of BBpricer

In April 2015 I released BBpricer, a tool to compare Butterfly prices to get a feeling for the real mid price. Back then I was mostly trading John Locke’s Bearish Butterfly and the tool was really helpful. Later that year I started trading broken-wing positions, like broken-wing butterflies (BWB) and broken-wing condors (BWC).

Options Matrix to Enter Complex Positions

While BBpricer was limited to symmetric butterflies (same wing width below and above the short strike). With Option Poption Spread Viewer you can watch the quotes (bid, ask and mid price) for arbitrary complex positions. You simply enter them in an options matrix. Also, the quotes for the combo order (Combo) are shown. Sometimes the sum of mid prices of each individual leg (Spread) differs significantly from the mid price of the combo order. Each buy/sell limit for the combo order will distort the mid price (Combo). Watch the Spread row to get a feeling for the real mid price.

Only for Interactive Brokers customers

Option Poption Spread Viewer gets its real-time quotes from Interactive Brokers TWS. So you will need an IB account. To use the software you will need to register an account.

In case of questions or if you have bug reports or suggestions, feel free to use the forum or email me.

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